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Too Much for Transition Perch

By the time January arrives it might be a good idea to get off the walleye wagon (at least part of the time) and start chasing some jumbo perch. Not just any ‘ol perch though, we’re talking real pole benders. The kind that can push a scale to a pound or more and are not only great to eat but are downright fun to catch. Not every lake has ‘em and they’re not everywhere to be found; but they do exist and they can be caught.

An Early Ice Pike Party

A good early ice spot for Pike fishing is typically going to be complex in structure. That’s not to say you won’t find good pike fishing on “bowl” lakes , but the ideal type of area will be a bay with plenty of shallow water, maybe a rock or gravel bar or two to create some edges, quick access to main-lake deep water, and weed growth at various depth throughout. Pike can be tough to pattern this time of year so having a multitude of options in a relatively small space gives you the best opportunity to dial things in quickly.

Small Ball Ice Fishing

Modern ice fishing methods have increased our enjoyment of the sport with advanced electronics, underwater cameras, and space age shelters/clothes which keep you warm. New tackle is also keeping anglers on the cutting edge. Rattles, high intensity glow colors and innovative shapes are catching more fish than ever before. But as intense angling pressure is affecting many of our lakes, the fish are slowly adapting to more subtle presentations. That’s where ‘small ball’ fishing is taking shape. Small Ball fishing is downsizing your jigs, hooks, and bait. If the loud, flashy, and vigorous action is not working, then start going small.

Mentor Mentality: Kids Require Thoughtful Guidance

The future of anything has always rested in the hands of teachers. When it comes to fishing and hunting, this is especially true. Teachers, mentors, guides–call ‘em what you will, they hold the fate of the future of our outdoor traditions.
Jason Mitchell has been a fanatical fisherman and hunter since he was a young boy. He was essentially born with the “want to” that kept him out even when he was cold, tired, hungry, thirsty. You had to drag him out of the boat, off the shore, away from the hunting fields.

Getting Kids Started: It's about Them and Their Fishing

To Jason Mitchell, introducing kids to fishing and hooking them on the sport ideally takes place on the same day. It’s a specialty that takes a commitment from an adult that goes beyond “letting ‘em come along.” Mitchell is a veteran guide from Devils Lake, North Dakota, who travels widely to fish and film Jason Mitchell Outdoors television. Still a relatively young man himself, he has a huge soft spot in his heart for helping youngsters become attached to angling–including his own kids, Olivia and Brennen.

Are fishing, hunting, and shooting destined to gradually die away, victims of modern society and an altered landscape? These activities are seriously threatened, and no good answers have surfaced in the search to reverse declining participation.
Are these the sunset years for the traditional outdoor sports?

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