The Next Bite TV and ION Ice Augers: An Electric Connection

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The Next Bite TV and ION Ice Augers: An Electric Connection




The Next Bite TV and ION Ice Augers: An Electric Connection



Targeting northern species of fish through the ice has truly become a “run and gun” type approach, enabling anglers to be successful day in and day out.  Of the variety of augers available, most are heavy and can be the tipping point in an angler’s decision of “Should I stay or should I move?”  ION Electric Ice Augers have proven to many anglers across the ice-belt, that an auger can be light, powerful and reliable in any condition that mother nature may throw at it.


While The Next Bite TV, consisting of hosts Gary Parsons, Keith Kavajecz and Chase Parsons, continue to commit several of their national network shows each season to Ice Fishing, it became obvious that ION Electric Ice Augers fit their needs perfectly.  As a result, The Next Bite TV is extremely excited to announce their partnership with ION, for television and social media coverage. 


The Next Bite TV in its 12th season, airs on NBC Sports and Discovery Channel’s Destination America, will travel across the Midwest with IONs, continuing to educate ice anglers of the auger’s benefits: quiet, light weight, powerful and gas free nature.  Keith Kavajecz, who’s been using the ION Electric Auger since they first came to market, has seen all the positives that the auger has, “I started out wanting a light weight auger for early ice. After using the ION I realized that I could use it year around because of its excellent battery life, its great ice cutting abilities and its ease of operation – hit a button and drill.“


As national television is The Next Bite’s most powerful workhorse, their social media platform has also taken a stronghold on the fishing industry.  Educational tips and further information on ION Electric Ice Augers will become prevalent on TNB’s facebook and twitter pages moving forward.  The combination of television and social media avenues The Next Bite has to offer, will help aid ION in their continued venture to dominate the ice fishing industry.


For more information on ION Electric Ice Augers, visit their website at     


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