Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz Sign with Moonshine Lures

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Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz Sign with Moonshine Lures

Looking for new and innovative lures, equipment and tactics is a big part of what being a professional angler is all about. Keith Kavajecz and Gary Parsons have been in the business of walleye fishing for many years, but they are still constantly on the hunt for lures and equipment that will help them put more fish in the boat.

Last summer, Gary and Keith were on just such a hunt when Gary came across a unique “glide-style” jigging lure called the Shiver Minnow from a small company called Moonshine Lures in the U.P. of Michigan. The guys wanted a lure to use on the Bay of Green Bay that would allow them to cast to big walleyes set up on structure. They had tried a variety of jigs, spoons and jigging-minnow-style lures with limited success. But when they discovered the Shiver Minnow, the walleyes’ response was noticeable. ““We looked at baits that are about the same size and look similar, but it is always about the action, action, action,” Parsons proclaimed. “The right action catches fish and not all baits have it. The Shiver Minnow has it.”

“I finally had fun fishing Bay de Noc,” claimed Kavajecz. “I get tired of trolling all the time. This made fishing these fish a lot more fun. It wasn’t easy – we had to work at it, but it sure is fun.”

Since finding success with these lures on Great Lakes walleyes, the guys have found several other situations where the Shiver minnow’s attraction proved deadly, particularly fishing fall walleyes in clear water lakes.

So it’s not surprising that Parsons and Kavajecz have joined the Moonshine Pro Staff. “Open-water fishermen were using these baits in New York for the last two seasons, but it was hard to get the word out,” said Tom Gudwer, with his wife, Beth, they own and run Moonshine Baits out of Perkins, Michigan. “It has been a regional thing out east up until now. But with Gary and Keith’s success with the baits, people are starting to use the lures more and more in open water.” said Gudwer. Sales have picked up with more retail stores carrying the baits.

To learn more about Moonshine Lures, visit

Video: Fishing the Shiver Minnow in Open Water

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Great news Congratulations guys. I just got my first order of Shivers in and am anxious to put them to use.  

Gary/Keith  besides color,   has size made a difference and if so,  what size in relation to depth do you prefer?   I ordered #0 and #1, as Moonshine Lures suggests this size is mostly used for walleyes, but figure can also use on schools of crappie too.   I'm thinking I might need at least #2 as the walleyes move into the 30-40 ft depth this summer.

John Holstine

Lowrance Pro Staff

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