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The Next Bite

The Next Bite crew spans all of North America in search of Walleye, Esox and other “Fish with Teeth”! From open water to ice fishing, the Great Lakes to small lakes and rivers; you’ll feel like you’re along in the boat, as champion tournament anglers Gary Parsons, Keith Kavajecz and Chase Parsons explain the finer points of how to get the most out of the latest tackle, boating and electronics. Prepare to upgrade your fishing game with both new, innovative and also, classic techniques to help you get your, “Next Bite”!


 For 2018, The Next Bite Airs on CBS Sports & Destination America

Also on WFN and Comcast Chicago Plus




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  • DA - 124
  • CBSSN - 412
  • WFN - (N/A)
  • NBCSCH - 740/1740 HD


  • DA - 465/1465
  • CBSSN - 643/1643 HD
  • WFN - 1679
  • NBCSCH - 740/1740 HD


  • DA - 286
  • CBSSN - 221
  • WFN - (N/A)
  • NBCSCH - 665


  • DA - 113/884
  • CBSSN - 418
  • WFN - 742
  • NBCSCH - 37/200 HD


  • DA - 194
  • CBSSN - 158
  • WFN - 394
  • NBCSCH - 429


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The Next Bite Season 14 

#1 Mille Lacs Ice Walleyes

On the ice basecamp, and day trip exploring with Keith Kavajecz, Chase Parsons, Joe Bricko, John Hoyer, and Gary Parsons for Giant Walleyes!

#2 Finding Springtime Detroit River Walleyes

Keith and Walleye Pro John Hoyer go incognito in search  of Detroit River Walleyes.

#3 Superior Walleye Summertime Trolling

Gary Parsons and Aaron Templin dissect Lake Superior Walleyes with crankbaits! 

#4 Casting Cranks: Late Spring River Walleyes

Chase Parsons, Jason Przekurat and Korey Sprengel use bass crankbaits to conquer Mighty Mississippi River eyes.  

#5 Red Lake Ice Walleyes 

Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz hunt for nomadic Red Lake Ice Walleyes

#6 Structure Fishing for Walleyes on Lake Huron

Keith, Jake Romanack and Erich Carlson explore a new Great Lakes  area with Shiver Minnows

#7 Fall Leech Lake Walleyes

Secret holes for fall walleyes with Joe Bricko, Dylan Maki, and Gary Parsons

#8 Fall Central Minnesota Muskies

Chase Parsons, Drake Herd and Jeff Schulte use late fall techniques for Muskie in the Alexandria, MN area.  

#9 Glacial Lakes: Testing Cranks for Shallow Water Walleyes

Keith is joined by friend Cody Roswick casting a new shallow crankbait  for walleyes in NE South Dakota’s Glacial Lakes.

#10 Shivering for Late Summer & Early Fall Lake Trout

Chase Parsons, Korey Sprengel and Justin Kohn attack deep structure Lake Trout in a small inland Wisconsin lake, with walleye tackle.  

#11 Burning Big Rubber for Michigan Muskies

Keith literally pounds the water for Musky with John Hoyer and  Lake St. Claire musky expert Spencer Berman.

#12 Speaking Artificially: Casting for Fall Walleyes

Chase Parsons, Korey Sprengel and Nick Bedker cast plastics for shallow fall walleyes on Beaver Dam Lake.  

#13 Trolling Cranks for Summer Saginaw Walleyes

When the owners of Offshore Tackle fish with Keith – the boards will  be pulling back on Saginaw Bay. 



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