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Open Water Cranking for Summer Walleyes


Where’s the best place to find walleyes in late summer? Wherever the walleyes are feeding - that’s where! In this, the hottest part of the season, a walleye’s metabolism is running as high as it’s going to run all year. That’s what makes now such a great time of year ...

Aggressive Pitching to River Walleyes


In late winter and into early spring, river walleyes can be tough to catch simply because run-off and spring rains can muddy up the water and make it difficult for the fish to find your presentation. That, coupled with the fact that these fish are often related to very tight, specific pieces of cover where they hang just out of the main current, make a precise pitching presentation ideal. That is as long as you pitch a bait tht will get their attention.

Stay Invisible for Winter Walleyes


Vertical, it is a double-edge sword when it comes to catching through the ice walleyes. On the plus side, we are staying in direct contact with our lure and be spot on the structure we are fishing to fool our quarry. The downfall, we are now dealing with situations where walleyes can analyze our presentation like no other time of year.


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