Chasing Chase on the PWT Tour - Tournament 5 - Lake Erie

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Day 1: First Day of the PWT Tournament at Cleveland, Ohio on Lake Erie

Lake Erie Day 1For the first day of the tournament I was paired with rookie pro Aaron Abarreau. After the rules meeting when I got my pairings, I was eager to fish with Aaron because he had been last year’s Amateur of the Year on the PWT. We started off the day by running about 17 miles west, in an area where several other boats were fishing. Aaron had success in prefishing using dipsy divers with spoons and crank baits, so we started off running two spoons and two yozuri crank baits. Aaron kept us in about 40 feet of water the whole time. The morning went slow for us, and at about 10:00 we finally put a 19-inch walleye in the boat. After another 20 minutes without a fish, we decided to make a move. We pulled in the lines and went another 10 miles to the west. It was a long, wet ride because there were 3-4 footers. Aaron decided to keep the same lures and presentation, which ended up being a good decision. We caught three more walleyes in the first 15 minutes that we had our lines in. Two were about 24 inches; the other was about a 19 incher. We made several more passes in that area, picking up a few walleye here and there. When it was time to go in, we had two 24’s, two 20’s, and a 19 incher. Nothing great, but it was a limit. We weighed 16.5 pounds, which left us in the middle of the pack at 60th place.

Day 2: Second Day of the PWT Tournament on Lake Erie

The second day I drew Canadian pro, Tom Gustar. I had never met Tom, so I was excited to fish with him, and see how he did things differently. Tom also had a Tracker Targa 19 foot boat which I was eager to see how it would handle Lake Erie waves, compared to the new Tundras. We began the morning by running 11 miles straight out from Cleveland, with 3 footers rolling from the passenger side. It was a wet ride, but overall the boat did an extremely good job of handling the waves. Not to mention, he had glide ride seats, so it didn’t hurt my back either!! Tom’s presentation was dipsy divers with spoons, mainly silver and gold. We made a long pass that took up the entire day, and by the end of the day, we had two 19-inch walleyes to weigh in. We caught probably 100 sheephead and whitebass, which made it enjoyable, but we just couldn’t get the right bites. We ended up weighing in at 4.3 pounds, which dropped me down to 101st place.

Day 3: Third Day of the PWT Tournament on Lake Erie

For the third day, I drew Tommy Skarlis, for the second time this year. I wish when I woke up the waves weren’t coming over the break wall off shore, because the day ended up being cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing how Tommy was in a trolling bite, because if he’s as good at trolling as vertical jigging, we would’ve had a great day. Hopefully in Escanaba, I might draw him again!

Day 3 Canceled Overview:

Even though I took 101st place in the tournament, I had a great time. I wish I could have fished with Tommy the last day to try and

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