Chasing Chase on the PWT Tour - Tournament 4 - Bull Shoals, AR

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Day 1: First Day of PWT Tournament at Bull Shoals

Chase at Bull ShoalsFor the first day of the tournament I drew professional Marc St. Martin. I hadn’t really met Marc before so I was looking forward to fishing with him. We began the day by making a 25 minute run through the winding reservoir to a point where he had caught some decent fish in practice. The presentation we used was 1 ½oz. bottom bouncers with spinners and a night crawler. Marc tried to keep us in about 25 feet of water throughout the day. Our day started off slow, as we had no fish until about 10:30 when Marc caught an 18 ½ incher. The fish had to be over 18 inches to weigh, so it was just big enough. After that fish, we had another long drought, until 12:30 when I caught a 23 incher. At about 1:30 Marc decided to make a move to a flat where several other boats were. We fished there for about an hour, and caught one 17 ½ incher, we had to throw back. We made our last move back to the same point we had previously fished all day. It never worked out for us, as we had to weigh in just the two walleyes for a total of 5.5 pounds. That weight put me in 78th place after the first day.

Day 2: Second Day of PWT Tournament at Bull Shoals.

The second day of the tournament I drew professional Mike Lindholm, out of Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Once again, I hadn’t really met Mike, so I was eager to spend a day in the boat with him. We began the day by making a run of 20 minutes through thick fog, to a series of points. The presentation Mike had been using was trolling crankbaits in 24 feet of water, and keeping them just above the bottom. We began by using running four lines with number 5 Shad Raps. We hammered Crappies, but couldn’t find any walleyes that were willing to bite them. After a few hours of trying this Mike decided it was time to pull bottom bouncers. We moved to a point up the main channel that Mike had caught some fish on in practice. We began by using 2oz. bottom bouncers, with spinners and a night crawler. The area we were in was extremely snaggy, so we had to keep the bouncers a few inches off the bottom, otherwise we would be constantly getting caught up. After about an hour and a half I caught a 19 incher. We went through a few catfish and bluegills, but couldn’t manage to catch another walleye the rest of the day. We weighed our one walleye for a total of 2.2 pounds. I had a total of 7.7 pounds which left me in 104th place after the second day. I needed a decent weight the last day in order to move up some.

Day 3: Last Day of PWT Tournament at Bull Shoal

The last day of the tournament I drew Kevin Schweder out of Janesville, WI. Kevin was the last year Rookie of the Year for the PWT, and he also almost won the Championship, placing second to Dan Plautz. I was interested to see what he was going to do differently than the other two pros I had drawn. We began the day by making a run to a point off the main channel where Kevin had caught 4 of his fish from his first

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